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Unified Health Program

A 60 minute appointment integrating both Physiotherapy AND Exercise Physiology to not only treat the root causes of your injury and condition but to prevent future ill health and reduce the risk of re-injury! 


A valuable service where you can see two specialised Health Experts in the one visit!

You will receive one on one consultation with our two highly experienced health professionals. 

A comprehensive treatment plan that encourages collaboration between the Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist to improve your health in a holistic way.

The initial 30 minutes will be conducted by our Physiotherapist who will utilise proven strategies and techniques to reduce symptomology and improve mobility. This will then be followed by 30 minutes with our Exercise Physiologist who will conduct the functional programming of your body to get you moving pain free. 


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It's simple. Just call or text 0421 944 301 with the subject heading: Unified Health Program and take a step towards a healthier you

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