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Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

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Pre Surgery Rehabilitation

Recovering from surgery can be a timely, painful process. By seeing an Exercise Physiologist before your surgery date, you can expect to recover quicker and get back to doing what you love.  

What do our Exercise Physiologists do?

1. Assess your physical condition and identify areas of weaknesses.

2. Design targeted Exercise Programs to improve muscle strength and endurance in the areas that will be affected by surgery. 

3. Incorporate Cardiovascular Exercises to optimise heart and lung function to build resilience during and after surgery. 

4. Provide Education about the surgery and pain management strategies to help you cope and minimise pain.

Image by Sincerely Media

Post Surgery Rehabiliation

After surgery, our Physiotherapist will assist you in managing your pain and aiding your recovery process. 

What do our Physiotherapists do?

1. Initiate early gentle mobilisation to restore mobility, prevent muscle atrophy, stiffness and prevent blood clots from forming as a result of extended periods of bed rest and inactivity. 

2. Using exercises and manual therapies, they will implement strategies to help you manage pain and reduce swelling.

3. Implement muscle strengthening exercises to help rebuild muscle strength lost due to immobility. 

4. Incorporate functional exercise to help you perform your daily tasks and activities relevant to your daily life and goals. 

5. Advise proper wound care to promote healing and using gentle massage techniques, address scare tissue.

6. Educate you on body mechanics, posture and strategies to prevent injuries.

7. Monitor your progress by assessing and adjusting the rehabilitation plan based on your progress and goals. 

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