Exercise Physiology

Initial Appointment 

During your initial appointment our exercise physiologist will sit down for an in-depth interview to learn not only about your injury but about you. A thorough assessment will help to assess your current capacity for the exercise intervention to best assist you 


As part of the NDIS scheme our exercise physiologist will help to manage your diagnosis with the exercise intervention  that is most optimal for your disability

Exercise Physiology

Standard Appointment 

Standard appointment includes a session with our exercise physiologist to assist you with improving your movement efficiency to minimise pain and improve your  performance and functionality .

We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions depending on your needs


Our exercise physiologist will assist you with an exercise intervention to help manage your injury whilst teaching you the skills needed to better manage your health condition 

Medicare EPC/CDMP

Bring in your Medicare EPC/CDMP from your GP as part of the medicare rebate system and our exercise physiologist will provide you with an exercise program and education to address your condition

Functional Movement Assessment

Feel like you're just not moving right or your posture is limiting you? The functional movement assessment will teach you how to improve your body awareness through exercise and  mobility to reduce those knots and niggles  

Workers Compensation/ CTP

To help you get back to work our exercise physiologist will assess your current deficits and review what exercise intervention will best help you to return to your full work duties and reduce risk of reinjury

Return to Performance Pack

Need help to find the way to your fitness goals or return to sport performance. Our performance pack sets out the road work to help get you to your goals. Our exercise physiologist utilise programming principles to ensure you exceed expecations